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Zane Tan has been involved in teaching and mentoring students for more than 20 years, helping numerous students with their studies. Quite a number of his students have been with him from primary school to secondary school. Some of his better PSLE students (PSLE score of above 260, etc) have gone on to schools like Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls School, etc.  Even for the more “challenging” or less study-motivated students (whom he calls “late bloomers”), he has not given up on them. He continues to teach, motivate and mentor them. Many of such past students are now in JCs, Polys and even Universities. Some of them still continue to seek his advice today.    


Zane Tan is a Presidential Scholar, having graduated with Highest Honours (First Class Honours). He was ranked at the top of his Business faculty in the university,

achieving an almost perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.9 out of 4.0. He has been on the Dean’s List every semester and his graduation has also been featured in an article in the media. During his educational stint in the university, he has been recognised as a distinguished scholar and received various nationally and internationally known honours and scholastic recognition.

Over the years, he has been involved, with counselling and educating parents, young children and youth/teenagers on study techniques and the need to develop lifelong learning habits. He also counsels parents on career paths for their children.


He strongly believes that the development of a child’s character is just as important, if not more, as the need to achieve good academic grades.   


His previous role as a curriculum specialist has enabled him to teach primary school pupils and trained educationists, school teachers and ex-school teachers in a number of extra curriculum enrichment courses which he has developed himself, some of which are still used today. He himself has taught these programmes in some of the top schools and SAP schools in Singapore. He is also well trained in accelerated learning techniques such as mind mapping, speed reading and memory techniques.

For more information, please call 9118 4394


His passion now is to help children in achieving excellence academically, learn more effectively and overcoming learning problems and difficulties. He believes that with proper guidance, every child is able to bring out the best in him/her, and this require, most of all, time and patience.


He regularly conducts individual counselling sessions with parents or individual sessions with the students. Occasionally upon requests, he conducts parents talk with small group of parents.

Showing  Students A Better Way To Solve Maths Questions

Learning Difficulties
Throughout the years, he has even taught, trained and tutored children with learning difficulties - those that suffer from low self-esteem, lack of motivation, low self confidence, low academic achievements, including those with diagnosed with ADD, autism and dyslexia.

Foreign Students
He has also helped and counselled parents of foreign students and facilitate their integration into the Singapore’s education system. In the past, he used to conduct classes for these students who travel here from a neighbouring country during the weekends.
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For more information, please call 9118 4394

“Hey Uncle Zane...... got A1 for both my Maths. Owe it to you!”        

- Daniel Lim (Student)




“He (Zane) put in the work, dedication, patience and passion into transforming Cassandra……who had difficulty passing her exams to now securing "As" for her O levels. We wouldn't have dreamt of such success without Zane's spectacular teaching abilities”               

- Audrey Tan (Parent)




“Just 3 months with Zane, I was surprised to see my son’s grade jumped to A1 and he was the top scorer in Science…I would strongly recommend Zane Tan to any parents whose child needs tuition and motivation to study. He is a truly a good Tutor who cares for the student.”      

- Shariffa (Parent)





“He knows the syllabus well  and brings across concepts clearly. He also taught me useful and effective study techniques. I am very grateful to Mr. Tan for helping me to get into the school of my choice, Raffles Institution.                 

- Jerome Boh (Student)





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